Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pond's Pimple Cover & Care Concealer Pen Review and Swatch

Hellooooww.. How are you readers? Is everything good there? I'm good and working hard as usual. But pretty much enjoying life..

Yesterday I went groceries shopping and stop by a Guardian store in front of the supermarket. My intention was to buy make up remover but I ended up buying few more. Not a surprise! LOL!

I rarely buy or use drugstore products, but lately I want to try them too.. So I ended up having extra shampoo, facial wash, concealer pen and lipbalm. Wait! Where's the make up remover?? Out of stock babe.. I didn't get what I need, but bought 4 items instead. Oh my!!

In this post, we will discuss about Pond's Pimple Cover & Care Concealer Pen. Since I don't really follow drugstore products update, I didn't know that Pond's even have a concealer and I'm surprised. I didn't seek any information or review before buying, it's a gambling game. The price is very reasonable. It is only IDR 28.500. I believe some stores sell it cheaper by thousand or two.

It is basically 2 in 1 product: concealer and acne care. While it provides you a better look by reducing appearance of acne scar, it also helps to take care of your pimples.

From www.ponds.co.id, I get the idea of the special ingredients called Salicylic Acid that helps to 'destroy the monster'. It can be combined with make up and best used before make up.

The packaging is slim and travel friendly. Case is made from hard plastic in white color and it is retractable.

I was worried by the shade. No tester, no picture at store. I couldn't find any other shade and also nothing written in the packaging. (Then I know from google that it is actually only available in one shade since it is a new product. New? Really?)

When I opened the cap, seems like the color won't work on me. Luckily it adjusts to my skin tone after blending. The texture is not as smooth as my other concealer, but what do you expect, it is only 2 dollar!

Coverage is light to medium. Didn't hide my pimples or the scar in the way I wanted. It reduces bit of redness and bit of pimple appearance, but you still can see it. I swatch it on my bare skin, I guess we need a good foundie to pair with this concealer pen.

I tried it on my dark circles. It is very sheer and didn't hide my dark circle completely. About the acne care, I think if you don't have any other acne care and should wear make up everyday and not confidence to show your bare skin, you should consider this two in one product. But for me, I prefer to use a standalone acne care and no make up when the monster attack!! Cheers!

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