Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gucci Sheer Blushing Powder - 020 Coral Flower

It is the first Gucci Beauty review I've been writting. Gucci beauty was first launched on Fall 2014 and has 7 shades selection for blushes. I have this piece for quite a long time and it is one of my untouched for months.

Honestly, I bought it because of the emboss and the hope for a luxury beauty product. Since it was a new launched, there were no review or swatch or even real picture at that time. It's kind of gambling, with that price tag (USD49), I decided to take a risk


The black paper box with signature Gucci emboss adding a luxury feel to the product. There is a Gucci pouch to prevent case damaging, which I think is important for a high end and luxury make up products.

It comes in square black compact with a stripe of gold and a signature Gucci logo. Actually all products have that distinctive double G (Guccisima) logo on the case.
I think the case is made of plastic and unfortunately not as heavy as I hope it would be. For some people the size and weight will be perfect for travelling or at least brought to your office. But I am not a traveller and I work at home, so I was hoping to receive a heavier package. Look at that price?!

Other thing that I love is the magnetic closure. It represents a chic and modern make up packaging. Some classic brand would be perfect to maintain click-closure-kind-of-thing. But it is good that Gucci come with a modern style of make up.


A blush applicators are included inside. I don't really like using the original applicator and only using it for retouching (if I'm away from home). But surprisingly, the brush could pick a lot of powder with only one swipe.


Do not ever trust a color shown in any cosmetic website. The real one will be far far away from the catalog. In real, we got a very soft color of blush.

According to Gucci website, it is supposed to be in sheer texture, buildable, and blendable. I found it is buildable and easily blendable. But it is not sheer at all, it is very pigmented. I'm quite surprise because the colour showed on the pan is a light pink-coral which usually not really pigmented when applied.

It gives radiant shine to my cheeks just like what Gucci claim. The color will show up beautifully on fair/light skin and won't be suitable for dark skin and medium-dark skin tone.

You can see the swatch pictures below or a video on my instagram @deavalence

Thanks for reading.. 😊

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