Friday, April 24, 2015

Les Neiges de Diorsnow : 001 Rainbow

"In a stroke of the brush, its four correcting shades blend and balance out the tone of complexion, bringing it radiance as pure and translucent as a snowflake." ~

I know maybe it is a bit too late to review on this Limited Edition - Asia Exclusive Les Neiges de Diorsnow. It was launched for Spring Collection 2015 and sadly is not available outside Asia. The main purpose is to correct your skin tone to create luminous and satin finish.


That white box is just like usual packaging from Dior. At the back you get the slight description about the product. "Bringing it radiance that is as pure and translucent as a snowflake", such a promising quote, isn't it?

It comes with a grey velvet pouch with no flap which has a big cave for the product and small cave for the brush.

The case is matte white color with silver lining on its edge. It will not capture your fingerprint like metal or glossy plastic packaging unless you have a super dirty hands touching it.


The candy-pink brush is included in the package. It is kind of fan brush in beveled shape. I love how the pink stands out combined with the luxury of the product itself. It is quite soft and pick just a little of the powder. I think it supposed to be so.


The 4 correcting hues in the powder:
- MAUVE for anti-darkness
- GREEN for anti-redness
- ROSE for anti-dullness
- WHITE for radiance.

The powder is quite hard to pick, but I think it is a good idea to prevent over picking that we usually do with meteorites or loose powder. I swiped it three times to make it shown in the picture (see the heavy swatch side). So don't think it is too pigmented for all over powder face. It is definitely not like a highlighter.

On the picture below is swatch on my bare face. Left side is my bare skin, right side is after using Les Neiges de Diorsnow. You could see the immediate result on my skin. It is amazing! It reduce the appearance of my pores, my redness and also makes my skin looks smooth. It also gives radiance and brighten my skin. If you think this is the effect of lighting, just see the upper part which show my eyelid, it is the same skintone (yeah, I did not apply the powder to my eyelids. LOL!)

As most of us won't go out just bare face + correcting powder, I made one more swatch on top of foundation. I pick my favorite Diorskin Star Foundation #022. In the picture below, I used foundation + Les Neiges de Diorsnow + Eyeshadow + Eyebrow Powder + Lipbalm. (see what products used in the last part of this post.



1. Face Primer : -
2. Foundation : Diorskin Star shade 022
3. Concealer : -
4. Setting Powder : -
5. Eyeshadow : Oriflame Pure Color Eyeshadow Nature Pan #1, #3, #5, #7
6. Eyebrow : using the eyeshadow Pan #7 as eyebrow powder . :p
7. Eyeliner : -
8. Mascara : Benefit They're Real
9. Lashes : -
10. Bronzer : -
11. Blush : Guerlain Meteorites Blush Angelic Radiance (light swipe)
12. Highlighter : Dior Nude Tan
13. Contour : -
14. Finishing Powder : Les Neiges de Diorsnow 001
15. Lips : Marks & Spencer Raspberry Lip Butter

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