Wednesday, April 1, 2015

100 Empties Project (UPDATE 4)

This post is about my number 51 to 60. I have finished no 60 few days ago but had no time to write. And I forget to tell you before, all products included in my list should be purchased before I started this project. For example, if I bought a bottle of shampoo after I started this project and now I had finished that, it would not be included in the list. I won't write about it. Because my goal is to finish products that I bought before I started the project and keep me stay away from buying a new one. Can you picture it? Okay, let's move to #51

51. Clinique Lip Balm
Finally finished! It is also included in my project pan. I'm working on Marks & Spencer Lip Butter now. But it is a huge one, long way to go. 😁

52. Guerlain L'or Base Sample
I love glowing skin and this product could do the job well. It is my second favorite (together with meteorites pearl base) after Burberry Fresh Glow

53. Marks & Spencer Senteurs Blanche Body Lotion
I do LOVE the smell. It is soft, creamy, and romantic! I have finish the body cream long time ago. It is not sticky at all but it is not too moisturizing, so I don't use it when my skin condition is too dry. But on my normal days, this lotion is nice enough to make me repurchase. Oh, and the shower cream is definitely LOVE!

54. Kerastase Age Recharge Hair Mask
My favorite brand for hairmask is Kerastase (absolutely!). It is a huge jar and takes months to finish. Repurchase soon after finish other jars of mine.

55. Etude Kiwi Face Mask
It is okay. I put inside fridge overnight and have a hate-love relationship when it touches my skin (like you put an ice cube in your face 😨), but it is so refreshing that I keep on doing. 😂

56. Clinique Blended Face Powder
Part of my project pan, months to finish even when you use it everyday. Good for daily use and love to pair it with my Sigma F80 brush.

57. The Faceshop Peeling Day White Jewel
Too soft to scrub my dead skin cell but it helps to cleanse my skin well. I'm not wear it everyday. Just twice a week.

58. The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Handcream
Bought this on sale. The only handcream still available that time. I don't know why I bought this (I don't like gingery smell). It keeps my hands moisturized though. Maybe purchase another scent, but I want to try L'occitane or Crabtree Evelyn first.. (After finish my Caudalie trio)

59. Oriflame Feet Up Foot Cream
Bought this on 50% off. No big difference happened to my foot. I still have 1 more tube and want it gone soon before I open my body butter back up.

60. Shiseido Honey Cake Emerald Soap
This is one of hidden treasures when I did house cleaning 2 weeks ago. I maybe have this for almost a year already and it's time for her to go. (All this time sitting in one of my storage, quietly, waiting for me to use!)

I'm running out of empties and slowing down. Because of my hectic days lately, I almost didn't wear make up or skincare or body lotion. I'm going bare for days. But I have to finish this project, I should back on track and show you more empties soon. See you on next post (I hope it is about more empties) 😙


  1. Found you via Instagram and read all your posts about this Project. It is extremely inspiring. I'm a junkie too and really need to decrease my stock haha.
    When I buy a product, before use it, I take some pictures for future reviews, and rename those .jpg files with the Brand, the name of the ítem and the expiration date for an easy search. I'm gonna do this challenge!
    XOXO from Argentina

    1. Hi Carol. Thank you for stopping by and showing some love. Your idea of taking picture before using it is indeed a great idea. I'm more than happy to hear about your update, so please tag me on your post at your instagram account. Let's do this together 😙