Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Project Pan (Update 6)

Start : 4 March 2015
Update 2 : 8 March 2015
Update 3 : 14 March 2015
Update 4 : 21 March 2015
Update 5 : 7 April 2015
Update 6 : 21 April 2015

I know maybe I am the most inconsistent blogger ever. I promised to update about this project every weekend. But, my schedule just doesn't allow me to make it happen. Now I just try hard to update whenever I can.. 😅

1. Clinique Blended Face Powder
Start at 30%, FINISHED (20 Mar 2015)

2. Skin79 All Day Sun Powder
Start at 45%, FINISHED (17 Apr 2015)
Note: forget to take individual picture but you can see the picture in last update of empties project. I still have a lot of finishing powder so I'm glad it is gone.

3. Clinique Derma White Foundation
Start at 50%, FINISHED (19 Apr 2015)
Note: also forget to take pic like no 2. This is an old buddy, luckily finished before it is going bad..

4. The Balm Mary-Loumanizer
(changed to below products start from 22 Mar 2015)

a. Marks and Spencer Raspberry Lip Butter
Start at 90%, now is 85%
Note: Hit Pan!! Can you see that pan?

b. Benefit Porefessional 22ml
Start at 90%, now is 60%
Note: often forget using it and just remember after using foundie but it's too late. I won't erase my foundie for the sake of this primer since I don't have a huge problem with pore. 😬

5. Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
Start at 30%, FINISHED (4 Apr 2015)

6. Guerlain Meteorites Base Pink
Start at 40%, FINISHED (15 Mar 2015)

7. Oriflame Pure Colour Eyeshadow Netral
Start at 90%, now is 84% remaining
Note : Hit Pan on no 1 and 3. Wider pan on no. 5 and 7. I use it everyday, sometimes combine with other palette but this become my main eyeshadow palette used. The pan can tell 😁

8. Etude House Peach Blush
Start at 40%, FINISHED (21 Apr 2015)
Note : I couldn't believe I have finished it!! Today is the last day of this baby. I am free to use any blush I want starting from tomorrow. Let's give some love to my blush collection.

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Ebony
Start at 80%, now 78% remaining
Note : used not even once

10. NYX Liquid Illuminator Gleam
Start at 40%, now is 10% remaining
Note : Longer than I expected but still it is a good progress. Not long baby, not so long anymore.

11. Make Up Forever Aqua Cream shade 16
Start at 68%, now is 50% remaining
Note: maybe you can't see a wider pan but indeed you can see the progress. Tell me you can.. 😆

12. NYX Slide On, Glide On Black Sparkle
Start at 60%, now is 25% remaining
Note : I never cheated on this. I use it everyday eventhough I desperately want to use my Stila on my hard days.

13. Clinique Balm Lipstick
Start at 40%, FINISHED (16 Mar 2015)

14. Dior Fluid Stick Sample
Start at 35%,  FINISHED (6 Mar 15)

15. Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Green
Start at 50%, FINISHED (4 Apr 2015)

FINISHED : 9 / 16




* Pic with insert : big pic is update, insert is original photo taken when the project started
* Pic side by side : left is original photo, right is update
* One picture in a frame : the latest update photo

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