Friday, January 13, 2017

Vitalis Glamorous Fragranced Body Spray

What's the most important thing when you come to a party? Is it your hair, your make up, your outfit, or something else? My most important is "the scent". Once I came in a simple blouse and troussers. Another party, I ever came with ponytail hair. And once I ever came with only face powder, eyeliner and lip gloss when I got skin problem. But, I never attend a party without fragrance. Whether it is edp, edt or just body spray.

As a beauty junkie, I do not only buy make up products. I love to collect perfume too. Currently I'm not as crazy as before. I'm becoming very picky about choosing fragrance. I never blind purchasing a perfume anymore. While few years ago, I trusted my intuition and bought so many perfume online. I end up with so many bottles that do not suit me well.

Body spray is a different thing. I'm not so picky about them because the scent is not too overwhelming. I still love to try out so many body spray in the market. I'm glad that some time ago, I found Vitalis launced the new range of Glamorous Fragranced Body Spray.

The design is tall and sleek and each bottles has different color according to the variant. The bottle is made from can, light and user friendly. I don't find any difficulties in opening and closing the cap or pushing the sprayer. 

There are three variant of Vitalis Glamorous Fragranced Body Spray. The first one is Fantasy which comes in the red bottle. It is a mix of floral powdery and musk which I think is suitable for romantic moment.

Second one is Dream which comes in a blue bottle. It is a mix of orange, floral and musk. I love it more than Fantasy because I love the hint of orange and freshness. 

The third one is Sheer, but I don't have it so I can't describe the scent. Although I never smell Sheer, I can imagine that it will also be nice since I can easily love the other two, Fantasy and Dream.

Each bottle holds 100ml of products. It will lasts for long time since you will only need a bit each time you use it. The good news, we don't have to reapply multiple times. Once is enough! I'm glad because I don't like to reapply any fragrance. I always feel that when I reapply for the second time, it creates different smell than it should be. It last 6 hours indoor and 4.5 hours outdoor, quite impressive for a body spray.

When some other body spray leave sticky feeling, this range has a quick dry formula. It creates cooling sensation and also realy refreshing. Only need few seconds and you are ready to go. It also does not leave stain on both my skin and cloth. 

The life span is long enough until 2020, so I can put my other body spray and perfume on rotation. And if this is your concern, Vitalis Glamorous is approved by MUI and certified Halal. How good is that!?

This range will be a perfect fit for youngsters to young adult both for daily and party. A good fragrance of course will make us more glamour, fresh, and confident, right?!

Try them now to see how they suit your modern personality really well. Let's be center of attention and receive so much admiration by being glamorous! If you want to know more about this, just click this link (CLICK HERE)

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day everyone!

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