Monday, January 30, 2017

L'oreal Nude Magique Cushion

Hello everyone.. Welcome to my second blogpost in 2017. Talking about 2017, do you have resolution to complete this year? I have some points to do this year. Regarding beauty, I want to use all my make up evenly. There are a lot of untouched items in my drawer and I think what's the point buying them if I don't use them. It is not possible to finish them, so let's do more rotation.

Sometimes I do not follow the standard of expiration that I saw few times around my Pinterest. My standard is not about time, but about the quality of the product itself. How do I know? I usually look at the color and the smell and of course if it does not create any problem to my skin, I usually consider as okay.

Cushion is one of the items that I like to finish fast. I don't like to keep more than 6 months after opening. So eventhough I have a lot of cushions, I prefer to open only one at a time. After finishing my Laneige half year ago, I did not open any cushion yet except this L'oreal cushion.

I bought this in Munich Airport in August 2016. I believe this is the Europe version of the Lumi Cushion. I don't understand why they give different name if this is really the same product. The shade numbering is also different.

In the UK version, the shade number is printed in the seal, so when I open and throw away the seal (long time ago), there is no way I could know the shade, and honestly I'm not sure what number is this. It is shade number 9 if I'm not mistaken.

The packaging is a typical cushion case. The case is in metallic pink, with a mirror inside, an applicator tray and the sponge. But you cannot change the refill because it is permanently attached to the outer case. So what you can do when it is finished is you can buy DIY cushion sponge, throw away the old sponge, clean the case (wash and wipe with alcohol to sanitize), and fill with your favorite foundie + moisturizer + sunblock. I learn from korean DIY cushion.

As usual when open the cushion for the first time, there will always a product seal that prevent the product from drying. It contains 14.6g of product, a bit less than usual korean cushion which is 15g. 

In the store, the testers were only available in two light shades so I (think that I) grabbed no 9 which is Beige that I think will be neutral and close to my skintone. For your reference, my inner arm is way lighter than my face. 

The texture is not runny and not too thick. So first apply will be a sheer coverage and can be built into a medium coverage. It also contains SPF 29 so when in hurry, I don't need to put extra sunscreen on my face.

It makes my skin looks brighter and glowing. It does not emphasize my pores or dry patch. It stays for 5 hours in my combination skin before it start fading. In the end of the day, it still looks good on skin but some part of my face like in my T-zone start to looks oily. I just hope that there is complete tester in store so I could find better shade match.

I don't really like western cushion, but this one is quite good. Is that because it is made in Korea so it adopts K-beauty technology really well? I hope L'oreal will make it refillable and for L'oreal UK will put the shades name in the case, not in the plastic seal.

Thank you for reading.

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