Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator Peach Nectar and Riviera

Better than never! These two have been in my stash for months and I never have a chance to do review in detail. So, let me share few photos to satisfy your love for beautiful make up!

Anastasia launched four gorgeous shades of single illuminator. All of them are stunning, but I only bought two shades since Starlight is too white for me (now not available anymore in ABH website) and eventhough So Hollywood is so beautiful in all skintone (at least in all pictures my friends have posted), I have few similar shades in my collection. I guess I should be satisfied with only two.

I picked Peach Nectar (apricot gold) and Riviera (rose gold) that are more unique than the other two. The packaging is a hard plastic in black color which is travel friendly and sleek. There is mirror inside but no applicator provided.

I love the embossing. Simple but beautiful! It is not too soft so the embossing is not easily wiped off. There is no strong smell from the product. 

The powder looks hard but it gives subtle glow and creates natural sheen on the skin. The particle is so soft, blends easily and not too shimmery. It is quite pigmented so better use light hand while applying the product.

Talking about the quality, they are indeed very good. In my opinion, Riviera is in my top three favorite highlighter among all highlighters that I have. They last for 6.5 - 7 hours on me.

I really love ABH Illuminators. Have you tried them? 

Thank you for reading.

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