Monday, December 26, 2016

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Smoothing Primer

Helllooooo... Happy holiday guys! Are you going somewhere? Or you prefer to stay at home? Or maybe you are like me, who have to work when people going on holidays and have holidays when people get to work? I'm working in hospitality industry so I won't have Easter, Idul Fitri, School, Summer, Christmas, and New Year holidays. 

But, I have spare time this morning. And I can't wait to show you about this thing. The Make Up Forever Step 1 Smoothing Primer. There are so many choices of Step 1 according to your concern, but my first pick is absolutely the Smoothing because of my large pores and bad textures.

I bought this around one year ago. That explains the dirty packaging. I keep the box, but I totally forget where I put it. So stupid. Hahaha.. There should be more explaination in the box. So this time, please refer to the official website of Make Up For Ever if you want to know more about ingredients etc.

The first time I saw it in counter, the BA tried on her face and this looks amazing. It smoothes the skin immediately and in seconds I put it inside the basket without trying on myself.

It almost like Benefit Porefessional, but personally I like this one more. The texture is lighter and the result is better on me. I don't feel sticky or stickery when using this. There is also no intense perfume on the product.

If you never tried Benefit Porefessional, I will explain it simply. The texture is like a cream, but a bit bouncy. When applied to skin, it helps to create smooth texture and cover the pores. What it does is to even the texture so you have a good canvas as a base of your make up. It does not smudge throughout the day so it is perfectly safe to use for important events. The good thing it covers the pores but not clogging them. There is no pimples or whatsoever after using it for few days in a row as long as I do a good cleaning in the end of the day.

You can see it from the comparison picture. My skin looks a lot smoother and my pores becomes not too visible and not to mention also looks more brighter isn't it? I don't wear primer often, but when it comes to urgent thing, like party, I guess I need this!

Thank you for reading.

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