Tuesday, January 31, 2017

KIKO Deco Delight Lipstick 04 & 05

I was entering KIKO store in Milano Centrale like a kid entering candy store. Yes, that's exactly how I feel 6 months ago. I heard a lot of good things abouth this brand, so when I travelled to Milan, I was so excited to find KIKO store and spending money there. 

I did not do research in their web or planning what I want to buy before. I was going to try every one of them and buy anything I like (How naive! LOL). When I first arrived in Milano Centrale, I didn't know there is KIKO store until we going down by escalator looking for ATM and I saw it! Yas!

Without a doubt, I asked my husband to wait for me in a food court upstairs while enjoying a cup of coffee and a bowl of pasta. I ran with only €50 in my hand to my candy store. I leave my bag and my wallet with my husband so I would not empty our money pocket. Lol.

I left with a bagfull of things and few coins. I shared my thought of some of them here (Colour Correction Face Fixing Powder , Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner). I never saw this Deco Delight series before but it is uber cute and it is on 50% off! Paid €3.90 each, I bought two shades that I'm comfortable with.

The packaging is cute and standard. The case is a sturdy plastic in purple colour with polkadots decorative. The packaging box is made from transparent plastic but I already throw it away before my flight back home. The product itself has vanilla scent that is luckily not too strong and also decorated with cute polkadots. 

Deco Delight series is meant for summer. The color range is so fresh and reminds me of tropical weather. 

It is not a long lasting lipstick but quite comfortable for daily use. It does not dry my lips. In the end of the day it even does not leave stain on my lips. The finish is glossy, shiny and very sheer but buildable. To get the coverage like in the picture I have to push a bit harder to my arm. And to get coverage like in my lipswatch, I applied twice.

04 Passion Daiquiri is a gorgeous coral and very sheer

05 Mango Twist is a bright pink and a bit more opaque than 04. 

Overall, they are so cute and comfortable for day use. The shades are girly and suitable for teenager to young adult. It is so sheer and easily gone, so better to bring for touch up. 

Thank you for reading.

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