Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kiko Colour Correction Face Fixing Powder

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful? She is KIKO Milano Colour Correction Face Fixing Powder. Have you heard much about colour correction products? Yes they are always colourful and beautiful. Each colour will have its own function and when it blended well, they will even your skintone and makes your skin appears better.

The packaging is modern. It is a sturdy white plastic on the bottom part and mirrory lid for the top. It is embellished with the KK logo on the lid and features a magnetic closure and internal mirror. It is slightly bigger and thicker than my compact powder but not that big or heavy so basically you can bring this inside your pouch for later touch up.

This rainbow powder is designed to improve and revitalize the complexion, conceal redness and skin discolouration and set make-up improving its hold.

I bought it in Milano Centrale in late August and put in my luggage. Then 5 days later while in Schliersee, I want to take it out for more pics and the powder is already everywhere inside the packaging box. Yeah, the packaging box is really thin and the gap between powder and the lid is quite wide for fragile items with nothing in between. 

I should put tissue or cotton back then. It might be not strong enough to follow me crossing two countries in five days. Lol.. Luckily the messy part is just a small part of the beige, I tried to press it again using my fingertip. After that I put tissue for safety reason before closing the lid and it is perfectly safe until now, a month later and across 8 countries. Below is the only pic I have with the perfect condition, taken in Milano Centrale 5 minutes after purchasing.

The powder is soft and has light texture. Sometimes correcting powder feels like too pigmented, this one is not. I should heavily pressed the powder and  swatch two times to make it visible in the picture. The texture is bit powdery but could blend well onto skin. It is mild enough to use as all over face powder if picked using brush and pigmented enough as a subtle highlighter if applied using finger.

I have no problem using it during my holiday. But again, the weather there is so nice. I took these picture during my holiday but not post it yet until I can try it in Indonesia which has humid weather for more testing.

The picture above is one hours after application. You can see that my complexion is better and my skin looks brighter. I don't find it extend the life of make up on my face too much. But luckily it is not drying on me. It does not contain paraben and non comedogenic.

This one is after 7 hours without touch up. Not bad eh? In Indonesia it only last for 4 hours before I need to reapply. Not so special but definitely not bad for the price and for 6.5grams of product.

Thank you for reading guys..


  1. Thanks for this good review! I think i will buy itπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    1. Hi Pat.. Sorry I forgot to turn on the notification, so I just realized that you leave a comment. Glad you like the review. Have you bought it yet?