Sunday, August 28, 2016

Homemade Natural Johannisbeeren Mask

Travelling often damage our skin,especially when it is a "10 countries in 2 months time" trip. You go through humid and dry, sunny and rainy, hot and cold, guess what's the result! Dry, flaky, and dull skin is our new enemy.

That time I only bring Glamglow which I'm afraid could make my skin condition even worst. I didn't intend to buy new mask because our backpack and luggage were already full. I just tried to put lots of moisturizer at night.

Then I bought Johannisbeeren, hoping that I would love the taste and eat as my dessert. Unfortunately, I and my husband don't like it. For your information, Johannisbeeren, or usually also called by Red Currant, is not a common fruit in our country. I remember seeing it as cake decoration but I never tried it. Several times, I found cherries, berries and peaches and plum in Europe are nicer than in my country, so I hope this one also same.

Because we are on travel, I definitely could not cook or bake. I think it will be perfect for jam. Then suddenly come the idea of making it as mask. The taste is really sour, so I guess it is high in vitamin C. Lately I found that is true, it contains 49% of vitamin C! It also contains vitamin K and vitamin B. Please google for more information.

This fruit is not expensive in Europe. You get that many for only €2. It is easily found in local market or supermarket. I bought it in Netto.

Let me share how to make mask from Johannisbeeren. 

1. Take a bowl of the fruit, throw away the stalk.
2. Crush it using any tools possible. I only had spoon that time. Do it in kitchen or better in your bathroom. It does not leave stain on ceramic or hard surface, but be careful of splatting your cloth.
3. If you have strainer, it would be better because the seed can be so annoying. We only need the juice anyway.
4. Add honey for better result. I did not add honey since I did not have it.
5. Go to bathroom if you are not there already.
6. Put it on. I put it on my face, my hands and my hair.
7. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse.

It is a bit scary! Looks like I'm going for blood bath! Lol..

In a first five minutes, it feels a bit itchy. Hold on! It will slowly dissapear. It can't be completely dry, after 30 minutes it is still wet but I decided to rinse it. I did this without any research first, so I did not know what to expect. Now are you ready for the result?

- Flaky area is not as bad as before, no scrubing
- Smoother
- Brighter

- Brighter
- Smoother
- Note: I scrub my lips before rinse using the seeds very gently, no need to leave for 30 minutes.

- No difference for hair

What do you think? Should I hunt Johannisbeeren in my country? 😄

Thank you for reading..

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