Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation

It's good to see you again reader.. I have abandoned this blog again for don't know how many times. I took some pictures of Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation few months ago but have no time to write a review. I'm so sorry, but I will try my best to catch up soon. I have lots of products to show you. I promise you to write more regularly.

Yesterday I was digging out old pictures in my phone and I realize I haven't posted about this. So this morning I took few more pictures and here I am typing this review from my phone. Luckily this baby is a permanent item, so there is no word 'late' to review it.

Inside the black box you will get the powder with the kabuki brush included. I have the one in shade no 20.

It is containing 10gr of product.. Compared to the Universelle Libre which is 30gr, this Vitalumiere have definitely smaller size in packaging.

It is not a cheap product for sure. I bought this around IDR 950.000,- that time. I usually bought foundation around IDR 500.000-800.000, so this is the most expensive foundation I own if I'm counting the brush as free.

Okay let's start with the brush first.. I always love white brush.. Lol.. And this kabuki for me is a lot better than the one from Dior Nude series. A way softer and the application is easier. It is feel heavier too, so I guess it feels more luxurious than Dior one.

Sorry I forget to take picture of the seal, I throw it away few months ago. So basically the new product will have a black plastic seal inside to keep the powder from going here and there as long as you haven't taken off the seal and maintain the quality of the product before anybody use them. The picture above is today's picture, after few months it will look like this. Lol..

After you open the seal, you will meet the net. It is an elastic one, not a stiff net that we usually found. You can press the net to pick up the powder using the brush. Here I just want to show you how elastic it is. It also prevents the overpicking.

Shade no 20 will look like this on my skin. Seems dark on the pan, but when you apply it is actually a bright one. I usually use shade 20 for Chanel liquid foundation and 30 for Chanel powder. This one my friend pick for me and I forget to tell her to pick up no 30. Don't worry, Chanel products usually have natural finish so no 20 and 30 is not a big deal for me. If you concern about that, make sure you try in counter first.

As usual, this products has Chanel signature scent and I love it. I cannot compare with any Chanel compact foundation because I don't have any. I usually don't use powder foundation and choose liquid foundation instead. 

If you look on face swatch below, this powder does not cover my darkspots or acne scar totally. It has light to medium coverage and lighter than any Chanel liquid foundation that I have. But it does brighten my skin. From what I experience, it emphasize my pores.. Anybody have the same experience with me?

The staying power is okay regarding my combination skin. It last up to 5 hours on humid days. It is not cakey and good for daily use.

The conclusion is: This product is not for me though many friends rave about this. I just never have a good luck with powder foundation.. 

Left is bare face, Right is with Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation.

Tell me what about your opinion on this product..
Thank you for reading.. See you on next post.

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