Thursday, October 22, 2015

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

Hello again readers, like what I've promised you, I'm trying to catch up on my reviews. This time is old collection and from drugstore brand. It is loose face powder from Coty, named Airspun.

The first impression is that much powder I get.. It contains 65 grams of loose powder, more than double the size of Chanel Universelle Libre which is only 30gr each. For only around IDR 200.000 you get that much!! It's a year supply, even could last longer than that.

I'm afraid to use it directly from original case, since it is too much product inside, it will be difficult to finish. Too many open close the jar and I believe the quality will somehow be reduced. So I'm doing this on my Airspun. I move some powder to another empty loose powder case. I maybe move around 35% of the product and even after 4 months I still haven't seen any need of refilling. It is that much!

The second thing I notice is the packaging. It is so old fashion, kind of my grandmother's powder. Lol.. And sadly, I found it not too sturdy. If you notice in the first picture, it's easily broken (see the lid). But I never bring loose powder on travel, so that's not a big problem for me. I tape the cracks and it won't affect the product. I don't see it daily after all, so nevermind about the packaging. If you don't like it too, you can use my tips on moving them to cute powder case on your own.

Third, the smell.. It has strong floral smell. You with a sensitive nose might not likey. The smell is also old fashion for me. Once applied, the smell is slowly fading. 

The applicator is included inside the case. It is more to furry puff and not too thick. So I prefer using my Sigma brush than the original puff. When you open the lid, there is also a divider with holes but it is not much used since I move the product to another case.

Now move to texture.. From few loose powder of drugstore brands that I tried, Airspun is the best one. But don't quote me, I don't have too much experience with drugstore brand). It's not as cakey as the other brands. It is not super last, but okay for daily use, last 3-4 hours on me. 

I think it is not perfect for dry or oily skin, but will do okay on normal skin. I have the shade in  Translucent  Extra Coverage. The result is natural like what translucent supposed to be. But about the extra coverage I don't think so. It doesn't do such thing like extra cover on me. We need to use foundation and concealer to get extra coverage. 

The picture below is using Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow (reviewed here) and Coty Airspun only, and Dior Lipglow Coral on my lips. Not bad eh? This product is not my holy grail, just okay for me, but when you are on budget you should consider to buy this. And again, this picture is not edited or filtered.

Thank you for reading.. See you on next post.. Will do soon! XOXO 

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