Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Emina Lip Shine Cerise Red

Hello again! I'm coming back with another Emina product. It is about Lip Shine. Let say this is a lipgloss. So far I quite like Emina products, so let's hope this one is as good as the other.

The packaging is made from sturdy plastic with applicator attached to the cap. The tube is so tiny, cute and travel friendly. The length is just a bit longer than my middle finger.

The color is soft nude pink and create a gorgeous natural color when applied. The applicator is good enough for me and user friendly. It is nice to use alone or on top of another lipstick to create plump effect and to make it glossier.

It has vanilla scent that is luckily not so strong according to my liking. The texture is not too sheer and not too bold and (again) luckily not sticky. I don't like wearing lipgloss because of that stickiness, but this one is no problem.

I'm impressed with Emina products. The quality is not that bad and the price is increeeddibly cheap. Want to try them too?

Thanks for reading.

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