Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Clinique Cheek Pop Berry Pop and Plum Pop

Today I'm gonna review Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop and Plum Pop. Last time I already wrote about Ginger Pop and Peach Pop and said that their formula is one of the best I have tried so far (reviewed here). Let's peek on the other sisters now .

I bought these together with Ginger Pop and Peach Pop, and again because of the floral embossing. That time they are not yet famous like today. I even bought 2 pieces of Berry Pop. That's why in the picture, it is the only one that still untouched.

Small doesn't mean bad things if related to Cheek Pop. This is a little goes a long way. The small case also make it so travel friendly. I love the transparant packaging and it is very sturdy. I never heard of broken Cheek Pop so far. Doesn't it mean that this thing is a fighter? 

While Ginger Pop and Peach Pop are soft color, these two are quite bright and the color are popping on my cheeks. The texture is the winner, the powder looks stiff but actually it is so pigmented and buttery and no fall out at all. I don't need much product to create the looks in the picture below. 

The finish is silky and smooth. It is not shimmery but somehow looks dewy on my skin, especially Plum Pop. While Berry Pop is between matte and dewy and is really beautiful too. Both are very blendable and long lasting. They last for almost 8 hours on humid weather. Not exactly like the first hour, but in the end of the day the color is remain visible.

Picture Left : Berry Pop. Picture Right : Plum Pop

Cheek Pop is still in my top favorite blush list for all time. Can't wait until my no-buy challenge over.. Lol.. Thank you for reading.. Have a good day!!

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