Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Morphe Brushes 35N Palette

Hi everyone, how are you? It is in the middle of the week and also in the middle of the month. Did you haul few things or you survive keeping the money inside your pocket? I broke my promise for not hauling this month. Hahaha...

Well, instead of feeling guilty, I want to share about this stuff. Everybody know about Morphe Brushes 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette. The most hyped is 35O that pushing Morphe to come out with the shimmer version and matte version. I have the original version that I will be reviewing soon. Now, let's talk about 35N first.

I bought 35N together with 35W and 35O, but I ended up selling 35W to my friend. Why? Because actually 35N and 35W have the same exact shades, only 35W consist of shimmers and mattes and 35N is all matte!

I have a lot of shimmery eyeshadow but only have few mattes in my stash, therefore I'm definitely going for the all matte palette. Generally, the color range is neutral enough for everyday use and can be combined with other shimmery palette for more glamorous look.

Below I provide you swatch of all shades. You have a lot of options from light shades to dark shades, most are neutral with few warm tones and few cool tones.

As you can see, the texture is soft, a bit chalky and not so buttery. The pigmentation is not the best among my eyeshadow collection. At first I thought, "oh maybe this will not be my favorite", because I like the buttery texture of an eyeshadow and the pigmentation not impress me.

But surprisingly, it has almost no fall out and really easy to blend. I mean seriously it is really blendable and the most of the shades are buildable. The worst shade is the gray black, the second from bottom right (you will find the swatch in the last swatch picture) that yesterday I found still can be used with a bit of effort. It is difficult to pick and powdery, but will be okay for not-so-bold look. 

But think again about the pigmentation, this is all matte palette! Matte eyeshadows never as buttery as shimmery eyeshadows. So finally I found that this 35N is great enough to keep in my stash.

I always use Urban Decay Primer Potion Anti Aging when using this because I dislike the chalky texture and find that they could last all day. Seriously in the end of the day when I want to erase my make up, it is still there, almost as nice as in the morning.

Above is daily looks using 35N palette.

And here I combine with Urban Decay Book of Shadow NYC shade Money for more eyepopping look and Money should be thrown away because the texture has changed. Excuse for buying new palette? Lol.. 

I really love this 35N when thinking of how affordable it is. I get 35 matte shades that I need and finally I find gorgeous shades for transition and crease. Overall, I'm loving it!

Thank you for reading..

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