Friday, May 1, 2015

Rouge Dior Brillant 999 : Review and Swatch

Hello lovely readers, welcome to my first post in May. I hope this month will be a great adventure to us. This post is about Rouge Dior Brillant 999.

With the tag "Lipstick and Care, Couture Colour", Dior launched 14 new shades of Lip Balm Gloss called Rouge Dior Brillant. It supposed to create elegant shine, intense color, and perfectly defined lips. From 14 beautiful shades, I picked the iconic color 999. The bright red with slight touch of orange in it. Isn't she beautiful? Wait until you read my review till the end.

The pen-like applicator is so helpful in picking enough amount of the liquid. And this suitable amount will create a pigmented color in just one swipe. The applicator is also slim which is very good to create a defined lip (which we should achieve when wearing red lipstick). The color is so vibrant and classic and classy. The color is so perfect!!

The formula is not a usual kind lip gloss or lip balm. It is formulated with mix of 3 lipcare oil, vitamin E and something known for reactivating collagen synthesis. The good news is : it is NOT STICKY at all. I'm not a lipgloss/lipbalm kind of girl, that is why I only have 3 lipglosses and 2 lipbalms. I hate sticky formula that usually found in lip gloss. I also hate to use lipbalm under my lipstick since it makes the lipstick are not so longlasting.

With this Rouge Dior Brillant, I could skip my lip balm and avoid any sticky texture while I still get the healthy and perfect lips everyday. The color used in the campaign is believed using in this color. My swatch is different with the poster, because to achieve that looks we should use the Rouge Dior Brillant over Rouge Dior Lipstick. Yes, it is available in same shade, 999.

I am considering to get another shades. There are some other that catching my heart such as Swan, Miss, Bonheur, and Darling.

 I also wear this 999 on my last MOTD post. Check it out!

Thank you for reading and see you on next post..

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  1. Hi! It's soooo beautiful. I have the 808 shade in my wishlist since i'm not used to glosses, and it matches with my pale skin ^.^