Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Diorific Lipstick 003 Daring Shock

As promised I will review Duo Lipstick from Dior Holiday 2014 Golden Shock Collection. The one catching my sight is no 003 Daring Shock since I have too much dark/bold lipstick and looking for bit bright one.

The case is the cutest that I've ever seen.. Shaped in dumbell-like and golden colored, this is absolutely a must have.. It is really difficult to take picture since it is mirrory and keep reflecting my hands or my phone. Plus, I missed last year edition and this year Dior release such a unique item, this piece is two in one lipstick! I'm a happy girl! See my review on another item from Dior Holiday 2014 Collection: Pink Illuminating Powder here

Parted vertically are matte and metallic. I was looking at the swatch some bloggers did and found it is quite different with what I see for real. In reality, I found this Daring Shock Matte side has softer color when applied on lips and brighter when swatched on the back of my hand. The metallic is not really metallic, I think it is more shimmery than metallic and appeared very soft (only give slight of shine) both on lips or hand.

I applied it without lip brush, matte first on full lips then just light swap in the centre of lips. For clumsy people (it has to be include moi!), better to use lip brush for application to avoid breaking or maybe just to make sure that the color not mixed up.

The texture of both side are not sticky. It is pigmented for matte side and it does not dry my lips and quite moisturizing, not like other matte lipstick. While for metallic side is sheer and shiny. When applied together it last up to 5 hours with a bit fading and tranfering. But it stains even after I was eating. What lipstick could stay 100% after you eat oily dish and drink water a lot!? NONE! So I think stays up to 5 hours and keep staying after eating is a big achievement..

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