Saturday, November 15, 2014

Overwhelmed by Nature Part 1

This is a latepost but I still want to share with you how I was amazed with what nature provides..

Around 2 weeks ago, we had to cut down our coconut tree due to our house widening process.. After an hour or so, when my husband came back there to check, our workers all sat down and gathered round and ate something greedily..

When he asked what they ate, one of our worker showed the part of coconut branch that can be eaten. So my husband got some and gave it to me.. People here called this "krambil" and usually eat it raw.

Surprisingly I really like the taste. The taste is like young coconut, but the texture is solid and juicy similar with bengkoang. My husband only ate a bit while I was eating a big bunch..!!

I could not eat more than two piece because of the Full-Sensation it gaves me (When you are lost in the middle of tropical jungle/island, remember this can be source of food). So I decided to process the rest, add spices and more veggie.. It is delicious with warm white rice.. Hope you can try it someday.. (Continue to Part 2)

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